Posted by Betty | December 24, 2013

Bikini babe shows some skin
. What I Like: Looking for a nice mate who is willing to please me nightly. I've tried a few blind dates and a few buddies' set ups, but nothing seems to be giving my llove life a jump start. I saw this site and figured I am a beautiful aggressive wicked gal when I am in the right environment. So help me get my mind straight and my bod will sure to follow. I want: I like young outdoor, rugged type of dudes in their 30s. I think it presents character and grit plus I like my sexx a lil on the rough side. Gentle biting and hair pulling are a definite turn on for me. Come and push the right buttons and let's see what you wind up turning on. NAME: Hailey Age: 25 Marital Status: Single Smoking: Yup Drinking: Every now and then. Speaks: English Religion: N/A Education: College(Recently Graduated) Annual Income: N/A

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